Barefoot Luxury at Mukul with Mary Tilson

Remember this blog post about distinguished yoga practitioner Mary Tilson?


Mary arrived at Mukul mid-April and will remain at Mukul through May. While at Mukul, guests can participate in the twice-daily scheduled group yoga sessions led by Mary or opt to pre-book a Barefoot Luxury Yoga Package, the signature 4-day retreat offering created by Mary, anytime through May 30th, 2017.

So with one more month to go, what does Mary think so far about her Mukul experience? Let's find out.

Mary, what are your initial thoughts on your Mukul experience?

Mukul is the dream destination for a wellness experience - it is the epitome of Barefoot Luxury. The yoga platform overlooks a stunning stretch of beach, you are always greeted with a genuine, friendly smile by all members of the staff, and there is an endless list of activities to explore Nicaragua, get your heart rate going while enjoying the scenery, or just relax with a book.

Has anything surprised you?

One aspect of the resort that truly blew me away, however, was the spa which is a world of its own. At the top of the hill sits six spa temples where a variety of rituals are performed including traditional massage, Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic treatments and healing through intuitive energy work. I don’t know where they found Yamuna, but he is a true healer. You can find him offering his services with the most beautiful smile to guests on the beach, up at the yoga platform after class or at one of the temples.

In your words, tell us about what makes your Barefoot Luxury Retreats special.

The Barefoot Luxury Retreats I offer are a holistic experience integrating connection with the environment, local people, delicious food, impeccable service and facilities to support a full schedule of yoga & wellness activities. Mukul ticks all the boxes (and then some!)


We can't wait to see how Mary explores May at Mukul.

Tuesday May 2nd, head over to our IG account @mukulresort when Mary will be taking over our IG stories to give you the inside scoop!

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