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Our Social Responsibility

Taken to heart, the responsibilities of Mukul include operating with the values and principles of respect, the ethical treatment of employees, participation in the community, and stewardship of the environment.Upon acquisition of the resort property, the Pellas family immediately set out with the assistance of their committed, creative staff to identify the needs and strengths of the surrounding communities. We value our community involvement and welcome guests to get involved. Please consider leaving a contribution at checkout. After touring one of our local communities, like El Coyol and Las Pilas, you may be inspired to make a financial gift.

Nicaraguan Culture

With local culture as a vital component of Mukul’s spirit, it’s no surprise that the resort strives to foster cultural expression and individual excellence among the neighboring communities. Meeting by meeting, project by project, and investment by investment, the Pellas family, Mukul, its employees and its guests all weave together into the rich cultural fabric of Nicaragua.

Guests are invited to learn more about our heritage through local ambassadors. Ask your concierge about scheduling a visit to the house of Dona Lupe where you can prepare dough to be worked into delicious rosquillas. Then, take a horseback tour of local croplands and visit the animals on this working farm. Dance lessons at the local cultural center move you even closer to Nicaragua. Guests are welcome to watch and even participate in folkloric dance classes offered to local youth. Sunday midmorning classes are held in Juan Davila/Tola.

Our Environment

By celebrating the flora and fauna of the region and sharing these natural resources with others through the Mukul experience, we also ensure future generations have the same opportunity. In fact, our dedication to environmental conservation is among our most valuable assets and helps create memorable opportunities for our guests as well.

Whale watching is a new industry aimed at promoting responsible tourism in Playa Gigante. Let us arrange a charter for you in advance. Whale season runs July through December. Most charters include chances to observe wildlife in addition to whales such as sea turtles and dolphins, and there are even opportunities for fishing.

Local Education

Our commitment to education is coordinated with the Ministry of Education (MINED) to promote innovation and job readiness upon graduation. Guacalito de la Isla strives to keep kids in school, families intact, improve the educational experience for all, and inspire a new generation of young adults in Tola to become the social entrepreneurs of the future. There is now increased interest in extracurricular activities like sports, culture and English training, which opens many more opportunities for guests to make a difference.

For guests who possess skills in areas of interest, you are invited to teach and share at any of our classes offered to the local community. Our soccer academy meets early morning and midafternoon Monday–Friday, and community English classes meet 5–7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Computer classes meet on various schedules Monday–Friday, the same as physical education classes. We can also organize a special session to fit your schedule if necessary.

Guests can also give back by donating clothing or sports equipment such as sports or tennis shoes, shirts, soccer or baseball uniforms (complete sets for an entire team are ideal), or deflated soccer balls. Art supplies, reusable tote bags and other school supplies are also needed. Used laptops, if they are still working, are in great demand. Please consider donating one if you’ve recently upgraded.

Community Employment

More than three out of four people in Nicaragua live on less than two dollars a day, and many have only worked on their family farm. This results in a very unstable economy, which gives rise to many social issues that become obstacles to sustainable community development. The impact of someone being hired by Mukul goes far beyond the bimonthly paycheck and the inherent benefits of fulltime employment.

All employees benefit from an intensive training course in hospitality and job-specific readiness consisting of hotel services, leadership, team building, standards of operations and technical English. The satisfaction of learning goes beyond just a paycheck. Guests of Mukul value the warmth of hospitality, genuine goodwill and the attention to detail by our local employees.

Our Health

Our social impact is most felt on the regional healthcare system where we help improve infrastructure and urge preventive health programs. In 2012, Guacalito de la Isla renovated the local health outpost, which included adding a recuperation room, two bathrooms, a potable water system, a private consultation room and an updated pharmacy.

The Nica Agua program was also launched in 2012, which provides access to clean drinking water for over 2,600 people by supplying ceramic water filters. Nica Agua also leveraged over 3,600 hours of community service and hygiene awareness workshops, which contributed to the improvement of the local park and the construction of a school well in El Tambo. Essentially covering the communities of El Coyol, Las Pilas, and El Tambo in 2012, Guacalito de la Isla is committed to expanding Nica Agua to Juan Davila and Gigante ensuring all 4,000 men, women and children in the neighboring communities have access to safe drinking water.