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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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    Feel Like The Only Person On Earth.

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SPA Mukul

Feel like the only person on earth.

The Spa Mukul includes six experiences housed in six individual, private spa suites, each equally harnessing a different ancient healing tradition, often using local Nicaraguan ingredients. This isn't a spa where you check in at the front desk or wait in reception. Instead, you are personally escorted to your pre-booked private spa for the day.

Upon arriving to your spa suite, therapists welcome you inside the private entry garden with a footbath ritual, and other treatments based on your individual needs. It's then and there all notion of time seems to vanish as you leave the everyday world behind.

Welcome to your private sanctuary. Just as with the entire resort, the Spa Mukul is blessed with the luxury of space. Artfully designed by renowned spa consultant Angel Vezina Stewart, all six spa suites are home to a different theme and sequence of treatment experiences available for three hours, half a day or a full day.

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The Secret Garden Signature Ritual

In The Secret Garden Signature Ritual, a unique massage therapy called Watsu, is performed in a warm heated pool. It encourages complete relaxation through a combination of water and shiatsu massage. The underwater pressure-point massage helps lubricate joints, lessen edema and arthritic swelling, and increase lymphatic drainage.

  • The experience begins with the discovery of the Watsu Pool inviting you to “let go” and forget the outside world. This is a holistic and totally relaxing experience, floating and being held and stretched in the arms of your therapist. After coming out of the pool, enjoy a Nicaraguan floral body scrub followed by a relaxing massage using the essential oils of local Nicaraguan flowers.

  • Foot Ritual - Personal Profile - Watsu - Floral Scrub - Floral Massage

    Our Recommendation of Massage Selection: Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

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The Rainforest Signature Ritual

The Rainforest Temple is landscaped with lush tropical plants and offers jungle and mountain views – the perfect setting for enjoying beauty and wellness treatments that utilize the healing properties of the water and plants that come from the sea.

  • This experience combines the proven benefits of essential oils and hydrotherapy. Treatment begins with traditional European dry brushing to remove impurities and dry skin cells, followed by a sugar scrub or firming mask to detoxify, rejuvenate, and re-mineralize your skin. The scrub or mask is washed away by the rhythmic waterfall of the Vichy Shower followed by Mukul’s signature purification massage, leaving you renewed, uplifted and feeling lighter While you fall into a blissful state your face is treated to a radiance facial.

  • Foot Ritual - Dry Brushing - Sugar scrub or Firming Mask - Vichy Shower - Purifying Aroma Massage - Radiance Facial

    Our Recomendation of Massage Selection: Purifying Massage.

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The Crystal Temple Signature Ritual

Your session begins as soon as you walk into the dramatic domed, crystal spa temple. Rays of light reflect off flowing natural quartz crystals and stone creating a magical dance of prisms and color. Soothing vibrations flow from the skillful ritualistic playing of crystal singing bowls. Anger, fear and doubt lift away, making room for good mental, emotional and physical health.

  • A mint and sea salt bath starts this signature experience. As the water and aromatherapy become infused with energy, they provide effective, fast-acting remedies on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. They relax the body and the mind and prepare you to receive the aromatherapy scrub, massage and radiance beauty facial treatment that follows.

  • Foot Ritual - Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual - Mint and sea salt bath Mint scrub - Massage (From our Massage Selection) - Radiance Facial

    Our Recommendation of Massage Selection: Hot & Cold Stone Massage , Holistic Raindrop Ritual, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki

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The Healing Hut Signature Ritual

With the Healing Hut, we have built a bridge that joins two worlds – East and West. It unites ancient wisdom with modern luxury. It spans physical indulgence and mental relaxation. It leads to wellness of body, mind and spirit in exquisite harmony, creating the balance of all that makes us whole.

  • The ritual begins with an exotic Indian herbal scrub. The herbs help improve general health and rid the body of toxins while improving circulation and respiratory function, relaxing muscles and reducing stress. The detoxification process continues in the spa garden where you alternate between the hot and cold plunge pools. The heating up of the body will stimulate blood circulation and help evacuate toxins and the cleansing of the skin. Alternating with heat and cold stimulates the blood system and triggers the creation of adrenaline while the body is suddenly cooled. This also allows the elimination of dead cells and to regenerate new cells and slow the aging process. A healing massage follows your plunge pool experience and includes Shirodara and Marma points therapy.

  • Foot Ritual - Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual - Indian Herbal Scrub - Hot & Cold Plunge Pools - Massage (From our Massage Selection)

    Our Recommendation of Massage Selection: Abhyanga, Balinese, Thai, Ashiatsu

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The Ancient Sanctuary Signature Ritual

Mukul's Ancient Sanctuary, the “Secret” Spa, is perched high on the hillside and features such incredible vistas of the ocean, beaches and sky, that it seems to bring heaven and earth together. The wellness and healing practices of ancient Mesoamerica have inspired the treatments in our Ancient Sanctuary.

  • Regional volcanic clay or organic cacao is first applied to detoxify the skin and the body. As the minerals infuse the skin, muscles are relaxed and impurities are drowned from the system. After the body mask has dried and you have showered off, you are guided to experience a traditional citric bath to relax and cleanse the body and spirit. Following is a full body massage using local coco oil packed with moisturizing Vitamin E as well as an organic facial mask to allow the powerful healing essences to be absorbed by the body. This ends our suggested Indigenous experience.

  • Foot Ritual - Body Scrub (Volcanic Clay, Organic Cacao, Aloe, or Coffee) - Bath (Citrus or Herbal Bath) - Traditional Nicaraguan Facial - Massage (From our Massage Selection)

    Our Recommendation of Massage Selection: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Scalp Massage.

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The Hammam Signature Ritual

Inspired by traditional Turkish and Moorish architecture, this spa temple features arched portals, high vaulted ceilings, a private grotto and accents of hand-painted ceramic tile and marble.

  • The Hammam traditional ritual involves several steps to cleanse, detoxify, and help you relax. Your experience starts at the navel stone, a heated platform at the center of our Hammam. Once your body and limbs are relaxed, you are stretched by your therapist to take away aches and pains. Following this, you´ll experience one of the world´s most ancient traditions, a black-soap cleanse, followed by a cascading cold-water rinse. This prepares your skin for an invigorating scrub, which leaves you soft and free of accumulated toxins and impurities. After another rinse, a Ghassoul mask of Moroccan volcanic clay is applied to the body, face and hair. After the Ghassoul has been washed off you are enveloped by a sensual and refreshing mist of floral rose water. The last step of this centuries-old practice of purification is the relaxing massage using pure Argan oil-Morocco’s precious youth elixir.

  • Relaxing time on the heated Navel Stone - Stretching - Black Soap Cleanse - Exfoliating glove Scrub - Ghassoul Mask (Body - Hair and Face) - Massage

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Journey to transformation through the practice of yoga and meditation. Our in-house instructor tailors each session to your individual needs and levels and focuses on what you need to receive from your practice. Your session can be shared with others or done privately, as you desire.

Deepen your experience with energy work and spiritual healing and meditation. Have an encounter with Yamuna, our Shaman and energy-healer, for a deeply personal and meaningful ritual.

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Wellness Retreats

We are looking forward to hosting a series of wellness retreats here at Mukul, led by incredible yoga and wellness experts choosing to share their knowledge and gifts with the world. Browse below to see who we will be hosting next and check back often for updates.

  • Jessie is the founder of Priti Yoga, a practice that pools her understanding of yoga, wellness, and healing therapies to create an approachable, personalized yoga flow. Jessie has learned to bring the spirituality of her practice into her everyday life and continues to dedicate her work to her passion of helping others and living her yoga.


    *Five nights’ accommodations in a Bohio, including 17% tax and 10% resort fee.

    *Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily per person

    *Welcome reception and Final Night Beach Reception and Dinner

    *Curated Wellness Menu

    *Daily Yoga designed by Jessie Potter

    *One 60-minute Spa Mukul treatment per person

    *One Group Tropicsurf lesson

    *Selection of one optional resort activity per person: Round of golf, additional 60-minute spa treatment, non- motorized water vehicle rental or private guided nature hike

    *Round trip ground transfers to and from Managua Airport or Costa Esmeralda Airport

    *Kul Kids program designed for ages 5-12. Babysitting can be arranged at an additional fee

    *In Room Amenity: One 200ml bottle each of Flor de Caña Rum ̈Extralite ̈ and ̈5 aged years" in room, once per stay

    *Complimentary use of resort swimming pool, private gym, yoga platform, high-speed wireless internet access in guest rooms and public space, on-property golf cart transfers, full concierge service.

    Rates start at $4,150.00 in a Bohio for four nights, single occupancy.

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