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The Crystal Temple Signature Ritual

Your session begins as soon as you walk into the dramatic domed, crystal spa temple. Rays of light reflect off flowing natural quartz crystals and stone creating a magical dance of prisms and color. Soothing vibrations flow from the skillful ritualistic playing of crystal singing bowls. Anger, fear and doubt lift away, making room for good mental, emotional and physical health.

Aromatherapy Gem Water Bath
Infused with crystalline energy, this soothing bath balances the physical and emotional state of one's being, lifting the spirit to a higher space.

The Massage
Choose from any of our energy giving massages, including Holistic Crystal Light Therapy, Basalt Stone and Energy Balancing Ritual and the Raindrop Essential Oils treatments.

After your massage of choice, retire to the garden to admire the natural beauty of the horizon overlooking the ocean and experience a sense of infinity.


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Emerald Coast Nicaragua Luxury Spa Resorts

The Crystal Temple Signature Ritual: The Light and Crystalline Energy Spa

3 1/2 HOURS*


180-minute treatment time and 30 minutes of refreshments and relaxation.

The soothing powers of crystal energy begin to work as soon as you walk into the dramatic  Crystal Temple and experience a visual and melodic concert of light and sounds. Rays of sunlight reflecting on shimmering quartz crystals and stones create a magical dance of prisms and colors while you are enveloped by the deeply soothing vibrations that come from the skillful playing of the “crystal singing bowls."

Includes an Aromatherapy Gem Bath. Adding crystals and gems to water is visually appealing and healing. As the water and scent become infused with crystalline energy, they provide effective remedies on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Your body and mind relax as you enjoy an aromatherapy wrap and massage followed by a radiance-enhancing facial beauty treatment.

In the Crystal Temple, we recommend you experience the massage therapies listed below, or you may select any of our massage options listed on our à la carte massage menu.

Holistic Crystal Light Therapy
Hot & Cold Stone Massage Ritual
Holistic Raindrop Ritual
Craniosacral Therapy

*Sessions include a “calm time” as nurturing as the treatments themselves.

Enjoy the difference.