Cerro Negro

Glide rapidly down the black sands of a steep volcano. If that sounds a bit extreme, it’s because it is. It’s Ash Boarding, the new extreme sport which allows visitors to descend the volcanic ash of Cerro Negro strapped onto a board. And, if that’s too crazy, you can run and bound down the side for an amazing adventure on foot.

This great experience starts by leaving Mukul in the morning via helicopter, flying over ocean and lush jungles until arriving at Cerro Negro Volcano. This young volcano only stands about 500 meters high and a hike to the top (about one hour) rewards adventurers with a stunning, unobstructed 360-degree view of the landscape. To your left is a steaming active crater, while the other side features a steep, vegetation-free sand hill that provides a great surface for running downhill. This thrilling experience takes less than ten minutes top to bottom, but less athletic hikers can walk it more slowly. Alternatively, experienced snow- or sand-boarders can use a wooden board to zoom downhill, much like snowboarding. A short training session is provided by an experienced bilingual guide. Then, suit up in protective equipment (supplied for safe descent) and get ready for the descent of your life.