Private Lake House Tour


It is our privilege to offer Mukul’s guests an exclusive escape to the Pellas family’s Cocibolca Lake House. “El Descanso” – or “resting place” – has been in the family since 1930. Here, guests enjoy a serene lakeside setting and a lovely view of colonial Granada, all with personalized service at their fingertips.

By day, guests set off on the Pellas family’s private boat for a tour of Lake Nicaragua’s 365 volcanic islands, called the Granada Islets, which date back to the lake’s formation as part of the Mombacho Volcano. Relaxing activities await back at the lake house, from lounging next to the swimming pool to waterskiing, fishing and kayaking. The evening ends at Mukul with an elegant, private barefoot dinner overlooking at sunset.


Duration: x hrs
Cost: $x USD per person